Meet the brand new crown jewel of our contemporary jazz beats playlist - Clothing Club, whose debut made some heads turn. Grown in Denmark's burgeoning jazz scene, the trio blends jazz with prominent hip-hop elements while infusing a hint of house music, culminating in a contemporary reinterpretation of jazz for the year 2024.

While their debut release "Jumbo XL" stays true to well-known jazz customs with various solos and passages where they play off each other, there's one common thread that I loved the most - the positive feeling engraved in the composition. Impeccable groove and the tightest playing you'll hear today.

I don't know much about the guys, but I appreciate their mission - "to make the listener feel that even in the darkest times, we can put on a mental summer shirt and immerse ourselves in unity, joy, and light".

Mark my words - Nikolaj, Rasmus, and Thornbjørn are the next exciting thing on the contemporary jazz scene.

posted by Ivo
last month