It has been a weird day. From blasting loud 60's soul music and dancing around the house to lapsing down into a mellowing mood, Saturday has definitely not been monotonous. I was just walking down this boulevard in Berlin - one of the few streets that has actually a steep decline and from the top of it where I kind of live, you could see kilometers of straight road coloured by the last rays of the sun. There was something so peaceful and beautiful about it, it really made me totally forget the ongoing quarantine. I guess that quietness (at times) is one of the "good" things related to what's going on. I think if we don't spend at least some time thinking about the few positive things about the lockdown, we will slowly lapse into some really dark places, hence that's me trying this out.

Where am I going with this? Well, the soundtrack to the whole "experience" this afternoon was this Cloudchord / G Mills collaboration and it's definitely a track I wanted to share on the website. The soothing guitar licks and that piano melody are seriously one of the most mindful and calming combinations I've heard in a while. Pair this with the view I described - it all felt weirdly perfect. Maybe the only thing I would have enjoyed more was if magically a drum kit appeared in the middle of the road and I could jam to the track while watching the sunset.

The guys played a show together last month, and this Chillhop Records release is a continuation of their joint efforts. We've interviewed Derek (Cloudchord) before and G Mills showed up on my radar because of his 2019 track "Lilac". Two producers who I respect a lot and this track was just the cherry on the top. You know, writing these random lines and discovering music that makes me feel stuff is the reason why I think I would never be able to stop doing Stereofox. If this makes you feel anything - then my day has definitely been meaningful.

To you, Internet stranger reading this - stay safe and have fun.

posted by Ivo
April 2020