Sample-based boom bap has always carried some sort of timelessness & nostalgia for me.

"Run That Shit" by Colonel Sweatpants & sax.exe will take you on a stroll alongside a sunny avenue in NYC, while also on a trip down memory lane with its vinyl cuts & old-school jazzy melodies.

Colonel Sweatpants shares, "When I was about 13 I created my first beats on my father's old keyboard, which had a recording/sequencing function and pretty bad drum samples. You couldn't find any information about beatmaking on the internet at that time, so over the next few years I gradually learned how it all works and which tools and skills I need for it. Today, I'm still making beats and still learning new stuff while wearing sweatpants of course."

A release by our friends at Cold Soda Music.

posted by Nasko
September 2023