We've shared our love for Cosmo Sheldrake more than a few times. The London-based, nicely extravagant multi-instrumentalist always managed to create a beautifully odd blend of electronic and indie music.

I'm kicking my music day with an edit of a track off his debut album The Much Much How How and I titled "Wriggle". Actually, the person behind this new version is another familiar name - Mr Jukes (one of Jack Steadman of The Bombay Bicycle Club's monikers). An absolute happiness seeing those 2 creative people working together. That version of "Wriggle" feels playful, lushful and most importantly - refreshingly elevating.

When it comes to how this all happened, Cosmo shares:

Jack is an old friend and musical compadre of mine. We spend hours during school lunch breaks jamming on the school marimba and would often then go home, drink holsten pils and make electro beats.

He has been very helpful through the making of my new album, playing bass and drums on a couple of tunes, lending his ears countless times and assisting me through many a creative block.I am very glad he was up for making a remix of wriggle !

posted by Ivo
March 2018