I wish I remember how I found this track and why it has been stuck on my to-feature list for such a long time since... it's absolutely amazing!

Crazy P are a British 5-piece live band who creates amazing live electronic experience somewhere in the field of disco, house and soul music. Basically - a good vibes explosion. Today's highlight is a brilliant edit crafted by the Baltimore-based romantic / electronic duo Phillip (vocal, guitar) and Patrick (DJ and producer) AKA Life On Planets.

"Walk Dance Talk Sing" is exactly what the title suggest. A on-the-spot, beautiful and very energizing soundwaves of joy and if this track doesn't put you in a good mood, it must be just one of those days not meant to dance around.

Besides the awesome house vibe, I have to say the thing I love the most is the live instruments and their edgy feel which perfectly blends with the electronica. Enjoy!

posted by Ivo
February 2017