Recognized as one of Sofar Sounds' "top 10 most memorable performers of 2023," Criibaby is a talented queer singer/songwriter I had the pleasure of discovering a few years ago. We reconnected a few days ago before today's single via Friends of Friends came out and I was pleasantly surprised to see the name of our label mate imagiro. I couldn't think of a better collaboration of artists who pay great attention to detail when crafting their art.

Criibaby poses this unique ability to make you forget about the world as soon as their voice touches your earbuds.

"i'm so addicted to dreaming / i'm so afraid of just healing / what would it feel like to let you go?"

Dwelling in the world of dream pop, folk, and lofi hip hop, the song combines the compassion of Imogen Heap with the emotion of Bon Iver and Novo Amor. I loved the wind that sneaks here in there throughout the composition, which adds a further feeling of being in the open while listening to this.

Jae and August share, "when i’m alone i feel weightless is about always trying to escape but coming to the realization that the thing you’re trying to run away from is yourself. It’s about feeling like all you do is make a mess of things and hoping you can shake your problems by just running away, while in the back of your head knowing that you will eventually need to face your fear, your shame, your pain at some point. Feeling like a coward because you’ve never been ready to confront your past, you ultimately wonder what it would be like to let go of all the hurt you’ve been carrying around for so long."

A track that will touch anyone who listens.

posted by Ivo
January 2024