What happens when you put together Kaytranada's bounce dance energy with Lizzo's playful and captivating vocals? I've got the answer.

"Can't Get Enough" is the creative brainchild of German production duo Cupidon, fellow Berliner narou, and Malaysia-born, Brighton-based electrifying singer Kaisha. All of the artists are familiar faces here on Stereofox, so it's great seeing them joining forces together.

The track is part of the duo's Like That EP released via Sundae Sauuce earlier this month. If you ask me, the guys couldn't have selected a better opener to the EP. "Can't Get Enough" is built on foundations inspired by soul, r&b, and lo-fi house, making it the perfect feel-good soundtrack. The perfectly balanced brass work is the absolute cherry on top.

The EP is packed with impressive features including KALLITECHNIS, Lil Manna, and Shaqdi. A wonderful homage to the groovy, dancy, and funky world of indie dance music. Throughout the release journey, Leonard and Simon received praise from a number of prominent curators and outlets. Their rack "Wake Up, Get Down" earned a spot on a notable few editorials like Apple Music's The Wave and Spotify's Soiree. A well-deserved Commendation!

posted by Ivo
January 2023