In the days of music's hyper-accessibility, most of us play narratives in our heads to these songs. You ever wonder what strangers are listening to in public? You ever think: "Are those tunes pushing them through a season of life"? Yeah, me neither.

But what I do know for certain: electro hip hop soul is that style which bridges introspection and party vibes to keep things elevated. And production duo Daily Bread x Artifakts see it through that life narratives receive their due dose of assertive hip hop grooves and stern sound designs. Their third collaborative work, "Find A Way" brings a warming flow for the bitter cold of the seemingly unending with nourishing melodic arrangements and a screenplay of vocal sampling.

The third installment of Daily Bread x Artifakts collaborative efforts, "Find A Way", provides us a chilling and timely perspective on coping with and ultimately rising above life’s struggles. The recurring “one of these days we are going to find a way” refrain is complemented by an orchestra of melodic electronic synthesis throughout.

posted by Mike
March 2020