Poetry has always had a special part in my life (even though it sometimes feels like I've forgotten it in the corner). And it makes me so happy it finds a new life through hip hop.

Dan Whitlam, whose "Young Minds" absolutely blew me away a year ago, delivers another touching piece called "Juliette". The song tells the story of a man burdened by regret for his shortcomings in a past romantic connection. Within the song, he openly admits he's different from the person she initially met, as he gradually disconnected from both himself and his partner, eventually ceasing to invest in the relationship. Instead, he settled for comfort and predictability, forsaking the spontaneity that once defined their bond.

Dan explains about the character, "He speaks about how funny it is that as we get older we can still find the daydreams of another life in ex-partners eyes. How in another time and another place things could have been different. This is not to say he isn’t happy now, far from it. But rather that to daydream is to make us human."

Self-produced & written, "Juliette" features a fred again..-inspired chorus and an outro poem about the man being happily married. Dan elaborates further, "I found the creation process pretty quick, everything came together at the right time. I knew I wanted heavy reverb on the drums. Something that caught the listener's attention straight away. The words, although not a poetic self-journal, (I believe) hold true to a lot of people. There’s a universality within this emotion of not feeling like you did enough."

The official music video (directed, filmed & edited by Tega Alexander) is also really dreamy & captivating, make sure to give it a watch:

posted by Nasko
July 2023