I've been catching up on older tracks I've favourited on the website and Dana and Alden's "BODY HEAT" came on. It's been a few years since that feature, so I wanted to check up on what the two brothers have been up to and I was pleasantly surprised to discover their 2023 LP Quiet Music for Young People. Now, this was somewhat mixed with a pinch of regret when it came to not finding this in time for our top 100 2023 picks, but such is life.

Now back to Dana and Alden. They have certainly been honing their craft throughout the Pandemic because the whole record sounds insanely stunning. Alongside a few other talented brass musicians, the two brothers have created the perfect balance between vintage and new, inspired by their unconventional upbringing in Oregon (which I know very little about).

I picked up "Stanley" because it gives me that feel-good Sunday vibe I've been craving for a while, but you should find a spare minute and explore Quiet Music for Young People in its fullness.

posted by Ivo
last month

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