Experience the enchanting world of Alicante's jazz scene with the collective brilliance of MrAnthony, Dani Catalá, Carlos Porcel, Ramón Riera, and María Ivorra in their latest album titled Rooftop Thoughts.

A musical journey, marked by a refreshing fusion of lo-fi ambiance and classical jazz that showcases the rhythmic genius of MrAnthony and the intricate harmonies crafted by Dani Catalá's keys and synths. The ensemble, driven by Ramón Riera's saxophone, Carlos Porcel's trumpet, and María Ivorra's flute, beautifully captures the spontaneous creation and vibrant energy of collaborative art.

At the heart of this auditory odyssey is the leading pearl "Sushi Bar". Bursting with positivity and immaculate grooves, this jazzhop wonder encapsulates the spirit of the album. The catchy piano melodies, uplifting horns, enchanting flute lines, and a masterful drum groove come together, creating a sonic experience that not only elevates your spirits but also invites you to dance to the beat of life.

Immerse yourself in the positivity and immaculate grooves of this musical masterpiece that captures the essence of spontaneous creation and vibrant collaboration with Rooftop Thoughts.

Released via our friends at Fortune Cookie Records.

posted by Boris
November 2023