Sometimes it's all about those Soundcloud remix gems. With the recent news on the Bandcamp crackdown on copywritten samples, Soundcloud remains the most prominent platform for those remixes and sample flips that we all crave.

Today, we get one from Chicago-based, self-proclaimed "Neo House" producer kryptogram. He takes the track "Ayayai" Honduran-Canadian vocalist Daniela Andrade to add some flavor without completely changing the track.

This flip refreshes the vibe by enhancing original melodic elements smoothed over by a bountiful sub-bass foundation. The RnB/hip hop drum groove from the original receives a more intricate production of bongos, congas and thicc kicks and snares. Thus, we have that remix we keep returning to under our Soundcloud "Likes".

For reference, check out the original:

posted by Mike
July 2020