This is a special one.

I found Danny Kuttner a year ago with the gorgeous "Limelight", taken off her debut album Purple. The effortlessness & the warmth in her vocals captivated me in an instant. Today, I'm over the moon to share her first Stereofox release.

"Try" is an extraordinary song, especially if you've listened to her soulful compositions before. This new single takes things to another level, bridging & transcending genres, with influences from indie folk, jazz, bedroom pop, and soul. With intimate storytelling & a gorgeous music video, the song will hit you right in the feels.

Danny explains, “Try” is about building a home – together. A place where I can feel safe, especially when the ground is shaking. At home, I can be held by my partner, and both of us can grow.” It is self-produced (with additional production by Oded Distelman & Roee Berezowitz) but in collaboration with a number of talented musicians – Allan Tune (keys & backvocals), Bar Bendek (guitars), Roy Zuzovsky (trumpet), Nir Kleiner (drums), and Yotam Agam (drum machine). Mixed & mastered by Roee Berezowitz.

“My songs come alive when people listen with their whole bodies when they feel the energy it can create. That is when music has the capacity to be something bigger than ourselves.”, she adds, and I couldn't agree more.

Stream/buy this beauty here.

posted by Nasko
February 2024