Soulful jazzhop meets 8-bit sounding arpeggiated sounds - who would know how amazing this combo can be when done properly! The Berlin-based German producer Dario Lessing gives a brilliant answer to this question with his new track "Grooviento".

As part of the Hybreat EP, released through our friends over at Hip Dozer, "Grooviento" feels like one of those tunes that take you on a journey not somewhere far away, but rather on a silent one in your own thoughts. The mellow soft piano keeps jumping flawlessly from low to high notes, resembling a long melodic conversation, while the arpeggiator dictates the more dynamic harmonic texture throughout the whole track.

"Grooviento" surely provides a fresh and different taste from your average lo-fi, though it could fit perfectly fine in your Chill Beats playlist, right next to your favorite melancholic beats.

Be sure to give the whole Hybreat EP a listen!

HIP DOZER ® · Dario Lessing - Hybreat [Full EP]
posted by Chris
January 2021