Been following Australian electro-funk trio daste since I got a taste of their music back in February. After 3 successful single releases, the guys are ready to share with the world their first EP titled Palette released via Mammal Sounds Records.

While I'm highlighting "Overload" - one of the 2 previously unheard EP tracks, I must highly encourage you to fully submerge into Palette as this gentle and out-of-the-box 5 track release is a true gem in today's overcrowded scene.

I absolutely love the blend of electronic and funk music with notable lo-fi influences - a sound that has really grown on me. The guys share...

Following the release of "Thinkin’ Of", the inevitable question of “what’s next” became the catalyst for the writing of Palette. With only one song behind our name we decided as a group the next best step would be to focus on our writing and production to create something truly special. As we worked and created demo after demo, we realised that it was impossible for us to approach each track with the same ingredients and recipe without becoming tired of ourselves.

posted by Ivo
May 2019