Been a minute since we've featured Shigeto, but he has been rather busy since the release of his 2017 The New Monday album. He has been focusing on his work with Portage Garage Sounds - a label he found with his brother in 2017 focusing on experimental, house, and electronica sound.

That being said, I was beyond ecstatic to see his remix of DE.CALC's "Jakes" coming out yesterday. A must-listen re-imagination for anyone who loves experimental garage music.

I quite enjoyed the original as well, but it's way trippier than the remix. It kind of reminded me of an experience I had at a live Aphex Twin show once.

Zac shares on his Instagram, "This guy has been thru it all with me, one of the realest and an amazing artist of all sorts. Was a pleasure working on this one!"

posted by Ivo
September 2021