Every time I see Ol' Burger Beats' name I know we're in for a ride. One of my favorite hip hop beatmakers who I had the pleasure of interviewing 2 years ago for the release of Dialogue. (a joint album with rapper Vuyo).

While this is the first time we cover a Deca track, the New York-based rapper is far from a new name in the scene. Last year he dropped his 10th Smoking Gun - a record that skillfully combines psychedelic and raw production with astute observations and witty lyricism, released via Brooklyn-based Coalmine Records.

When it comes to the original record, Deca shared, "The focus is on America because this is where I grew up and what I know best, and because from where I stand, we’ve been the most destructive force on the planet as far as how we exploit the earth and people globally, but I think what I’m trying to say on the album applies to power structures everywhere."

The new Ol' Burger Beats re-imagination of one of the album's highlight tracks "Blight" features a jazzy and meditative vibe that complements Deca's exceptional flow and lyricism. While the original track has a noir-ish feel, Burger's remix shifts the focus to dusty brass and percussion, giving it this beautiful smoky feel. I absolutely recommend checking out both and seeing how different each vibe feels. There's no better, there's equally beautiful.

posted by Ivo
March 2023