You know that sweet few minutes of the day when after a seriously brain-drilling day, you managed to lay down and release your brain out in the open. No stress, life seems simple and most importantly - there's nothing but joy floating around.

That's the moment when you need the music of DeeB. The atmospheric music of the Dutch producer has already been featured on the fox a few months ago and today is time to move forward with our journey towards far more elevating places than... real life.

His latest music endevour Slowmocean (via our friends from Chillhop Records) was released on July 25th and I wanted to share with you one of my personal highlights - "Outskirts". Sort of Tycho meets... Thievery Corporation kind of thing? Basically, the way to put "Outskirts" into words is a journey towards lands where gravity doesn't matter.

If you're a collector, you can order the whole album on vinyl here (beautiful artwork btw) here or digitally from iTunes or bandcamp.

posted by Ivo
August 2016