Soft, melancholic, and dreamlike - Delaney Bailey's music is captured in three words, and on some occasions, a guitar and an angelic voice are all I need to align the mood to the outside.

She is an Indiana-based artist, and the tunes she comes with are completely indie that now we can switch to one after the other. Her EP (i would have followed you) is simply breathtaking. "j's lullaby (darlin' i'd wait for you)" is what she opens the album with, and the haunting spine of her words you can use as a reminder of what life is really about. Do you recall all the movies you have watched where the main character is walking in the rain with headphones tucked in? A blue fairytale for troubled minds, and that's what we get with Bailey's music - romanticly passing through moments like this.

posted by Krisi
January 2023