As promised in last week's Khruangbin post, I want to feature more psychedelic bands especially those drawing inspirations from the 70s rock and funk culture in the Southeast Asia region.

Meet Dengue Fever - L.A.-based 6 piece which blends together Cambodian music with psychedelic and surf rock elements. The result, as you can imagine, is something you don't encounter every day. Named after the famous deadly disease, these guys will blow your mind.

This was actually the first band I ever discovered in this "space"...  before Stereofox even existed and before I fell in love with Tame Impala. A close friend of mine shared this track with me and I still clearly remember the level of obsession. Days and days just spinning those far away sounds and dreaming of visiting those places. Absolutely in love with this sound!

ps Cambodia is definitely a must-see country and culture to experience

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The ultimate chill. 2 minutes later we were destroyed by the storm.

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September 2018