Ever since I discovered the music of Kikagaku Moyo,  the desire to go back into those trippy psychedelia sounds have skyrocketed.

I wasn't sure where to start from, so the first thoughts in my head were the only 2 similar band I knew Khruangbin and a Cambodian band called Dengue fever. I found the band a few years ago and fell in love with their sound  influence from 1960's Thai funk not only because I love that area of the world, but because their music brings me this weird, indescribable emotion no other genre does. I haven't fully explored their debut album The Universe Smiles Upon You, but today's first feature - "Two Fish and an Elephant" is a song I've repeated endlessly and I think you guys will fall in love with.

A quote from the Texas-based band on the record...

“We feel like there is an ease that comes from being immersed in a space, away from the distractions of the city and everyday life. We make our music in a barn, in the Texas hill country, because it makes sense to us. Being there allows us to make music that comes naturally, and that’s what we wanted this album to be. We wanted to make a record that just let the music happen, and we hope that’s what you can hear.”

posted by Ivo
September 2018