Today's beat journey comes in the sonic form of digitalluc and Made in M's new joint "Ayer". 2 producers I have had mad respect for since I remember myself.

The juxtaposition of hectic, yet minimalistic drumming versus the laid-back and stretched melodic flute (or whatever brass instruments this is) is staggering. Translated from Spanish the track title means yesterday and it perfectly reflects the 2 producers' recent life adventures. It makes me long for an afternoon on the beach when the time stands still.

They shared on Instagram, "Introducing Ayer, a tribute to our journeys spanning from the vibrant scenes of Mexico to the pulsating energy of New York and the urban vibes of Berlin." alongside a series of awesome pictures with other talented producers and the locations they've been at. Very dreamy, just like this beat.

posted by Ivo
August 2023