Today we celebrate DJ Harrison's highly anticipated LP Shades of Yesterday out via Stones Throw Records (yes, my vinyl copy is on the way).

Last night I gave the full record a spin as soon as midnight hit the clock and it put me in an instantly feel-good mood. The album feels like a peak into his world and what made him the artist he is today. The producer/multi-instrumentalist had a huge 2023 with Butcher Brown and their Solar Music (which made it on our top 100 album picks for 2023), but this is a solo ride.

The album comprises renditions of tracks by Donald Fagen, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and a selection of other popular hits and lesser-known gems, showcasing Devonne's musical journey, influence, and legacy.

Friday morning felt like a great fit for "Together" which is one of the most soulful tunes on the release. Actually feels like a slow Sunday morning with family, but it's a great way to start celebrating the weekend ahead. What a great way to pay homage to your musical heroes and represents treasured childhood memories.

posted by Ivo
February 2024