The latest dj poolboi album it's so good to hear your voice provided audiences with quite a wistful and introspective listening experience, with "don't be so hard on yourself" being one of the most striking tracks.

I enjoy the sadness and happiness in juxtaposition when it comes to a song. Much like relationships or life in general, there are happy moments and sad moments, and I don’t want to focus on either specifically, just take the bad with the good and try to move forward.

The above is an excerpt from a recent interview we had with the Austin-based producer, and it encapsulates why his sound is imbued with such emotional depth. Elements such as the lavishly arranged keys and the subtle pad create a serene sonic landscape while the croons of a distant vocal sample chime in every now and then.

Below you can find the music video for "don't be so hard on yourself".

posted by Lu
August 2020