I was swamped last week, so I couldn't feature one of our New Music Friday's highlights, but it's time to fix all of that, because DJ Seinfeld's latest release is just too damn good.

The track features fellow Swedish singer and producer Stella Explorer and it's the 3rd puzzle piece of his upcoming LP Mirrors set for release on September 3rd via Ninja Tune.

Needless to say - we've kept tabs on him and had the pleasure of featuring "U Already Know" and "These Things Will Come To Be" as soon as they emerged into the world of digital streaming platforms.

Personally, I find "She Loves Me" to be the most emotional of all tracks so far, mostly because of Stella's touching vocals and the essence f the lyrics, I guess. She shares, “The fine line between self-affirmation and paranoia is alluring to me. And in music, it’s always present. It’s deceptive, and lyrics can change the meaning at any time. I think the fewer words you use, the more they shift. And by combining that with different intentions like you do when you collaborate with someone (like this), it makes the outcome exciting.

It's kinda like Burial meets Bonobo with a splash of Moderat. DJ Seinfeld rose to prominence around 2016/17 as a key part of the wave of lo-fi house producers alongside producers including Ross From Friends and Mall Grab. The new record, however, feels like a break away from that sound and I couldn't be more excited for Mirrors to come out.

posted by Ivo
August 2021