I have a special place in my heart for Dokkodo Sounds' music. His track "Erase Me" will always bring some of the fondest memories I have with my (soon) wife Annie. It is beyond an honor to welcome Thomas to our label and be part of his journey ahead.

Dokkodo Sounds represents the artistic identity of Thomas Trueman, an electronic producer renowned for his captivating creations. Inspired by the profound wisdom found within a literary gem known as The Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone), penned by the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi in 1645 Japan, Trueman adopted this name as a tribute to the timeless teachings contained within. The Dokkodo serves as a guide for embracing mortality, featuring 21 enlightening principles that illuminate the path to a purposeful existence. Within the realm of Dokkodo Sounds, Trueman skillfully weaves ambient soundscapes, melding them harmoniously with ethereal beats and evocative melodies. A sound that reminds me of my early Tycho days.

Today we mark the first taste of his upcoming debut EP on Stereofox records Everything We Could Have Done scheduled for July 7th with a double-single featuring opener "I Knew The Years Would Move Quickly" - a collaboration with talented UK-born, Asia-based producer and finger drummer Azido 88.

A song about the pros and cons of living in the past. Of the fond memories to cherish, and of those you need to let go and move forward. This out-of-the-box genre blend will help anyone elevate anyone listening. A feeling of everything-will-be-okay.

Can't wait for you to hear the full experience. A moment of sonic clarity for every troubled mind. Listen to the release on all streaming platforms here.

posted by Ivo
June 2023