This next track pays homage to the greats - Common, The Roots, Mos Def, and Slum Village. Written for his mother, who he sadly lost, US hip hop artist Dominick Giovanni joins forces with one of our favourite instrumental hip hop producers Monma for a track that will touch your soul.

"Upon losing my mom unexpectedly last year, I was lost and unsure about my direction. I had always went to my mom to share my art and to find encouragement in times of doubt. My friend and collaborator, Monma, told me to take my time with our project, and return to music when I felt ready. This was a beat he sent me seven days after my mom's departed and I felt compelled to scribe my thoughts and feelings. I'm grateful for music and even moreso for the bonds and outlets it's given in times like that one.", Dominick opens up.

Everything about "Days After" is beautiful. It transports you to another world, gives you instant goosebumps, and allows you to peek into the world of Dominick. This feels very intimate, and obviously hits differently.

posted by Ivo
last month