In yet another ethereal offering of warped and reworked 2016 soul, Dot steps out with a fantastically modern interpretation of breezy, laid back beats met with electronic remixing from Oakland producer JNTHN Stein. The whisper like vocals stitch every intriguing section of the track together. Add to this the remixing genius of JNTHN Stein and you’ve got yourself a really interesting piece of collaborative music.

Like two worlds colliding, the two totally conflicting sounds just shouldn’t work together, but they do. From opposite ends of the spectrum, you don’t expect such styles to mesh so well and sound so good. The journey of “Modern Romance” takes you from dream like wispy vocals and instrumental melodies right through to heavily electronic sounds and reworking from Stein. It’s mesmerising.

“Modern Romance” is the perfect title for such a piece as it marries together a pair that you expect to be so contradictory – a technique that’s becoming more and more frequent in today’s scene. During a time in music where heavy editing and sampling is first choice, Dot and JNTHN Stein have ticked every box with this track.

Opposites have attracted with the pairing, and hopefully it won’t be the last we hear from them. Together they’ve created another intriguing and unusual meshing of styles and sounds that is becoming more and more appealing as 2016 progresses.

posted by Staff
April 2016