Dragonfruit returns with "Talking Outta My", taking you yet again to another world within their established sound. With an instrumental inspired by the low end of reggae, the driving drums of hip hop and their signature blend of samples and electronics, the track creates a perfect contrast to lead singer Danique van der Vlugts her sharp flow and no-nonsense lyrics. the Rotterdam-based r&b group teamed up with Nepalese rapper Amazumi to offer a refreshing and infectious tune, which will charge you up for the upcoming week.

The song tells a story of frustration, portraying the feeling of being stunned when in a conflict or fight, unable to find the right words in a situation where it seems like it matters most. “Talking Outta My" depicts what happens when that frustration gets the better of you.”

Amazumi takes on the outro of the song and concludes the song with wanting to break free from the patterns and cycles that keep you from experiencing the fullness of life. To realise your wholeness without having to sacrifice a part of you. And when all this f#als on deaf ears, you pack up and continue the search.

"Talking Outta My" will be the last single before their debut album drops, make sure to keep a close eye on them.

posted by Nora
September 2021