This one is extremely tranquil and will definitely help you rest if you're having trouble with that!

And as cheesy as it may sound, it reminds me that even when life goes off the rails, everything is gonna be alright if you just persevere.

The Norwegian-based producers drrreems and our very own fnonose made this lovely piece that really appeals to those that love ambient and chill lo fi vibes.

I'm personally a big fan of the guitar melody, it's super soothing and full of warmth. At the same time, this sound and ambient approach also strike a common ground for the two producers.

I think the title "Safe Haven" really captures the vibe of this one beautifully; it feels and sounds like a loving embrace. And I am very excited to see what kind of support this track gets since they released it today, so go check it out!

posted by Axian
February 2022