Just get ready before you get sucked in Duckwrth’s lush alternative r&b universe.

The LA-based recording artist, musician and designer has another cool track, which will inevitably make you swing along to the catchy grooves.

“We Outside” is part of his latest EP SG8* - an ode to post-pandemic joy and rising above the inherent anxiety associated with the era. Duckwrth continues the lineage of soul and dives deeper into melodic R&B, with this new project layered with vocals and soothing lyrical reminders that we’re all going to be alright. The genre-bending artist elaborates:

Now that things are opening up and we’re living in this post-pandemic state of mind…no one is touching on the new anxieties. The truth of the matter is we shake the dice every time we’re around people…And now I’m contemplating whether I’ve always struggled with anxiety or if the atmosphere change has bred a new thing in me. Deep down I still just want to have a good time without fear because we clearly don’t know when this will end.

Here is the EP, which you might not want to miss out on:

posted by Nora
September 2021