I couldn't express enough the feelings Durante's "Maia" invokes in me.

It is 6:30AM on a random Monday morning. This is actually my favourite time to be at home as it's the only half an hour through the day when the sun rays completely overtakes my bedroom. Everything and I mean everything looks golden. People are just now slowly waking up and life starts to flow back into he park in front of my house. Everything exhales a feeling of beautiful tranquility... and this is where this juggernaut comes it. Honestly, "Maia" has been the cause of ultimate goosebumps source in the past few days.

Released via AMTRAC's Openers label, the 5 minutes and 12 seconds track is a blend of deep house, electronica and downtempo, all wrapped in these energizing synth waves you can hear throughout the whole composition. This is not my first encounter with the US producer as I featured him back in 2017, but that was song shot Durante on the top of my list. If you're into biking or morning hikes - play this and just get out. Somewhere, anywhere, alone.

ps for those who read those lines and made it that far - my first electronic mix should be coming out later this week and that's the vibe I'll be chasing... stay tuned

posted by Ivo
August 2019