I'm sure we've all felt happysad sometimes.

It's pretty hard to convey opposite feelings, but DYVN somehow managed to do it. "Happysad" feels a little nostalgic, mellow, hopeful & jolly at the same time.

Rich of synths, sheer melodies & smooth beatwork, it will certainly soothe you.

DYVN explains:

"Happysad” is the most me-sounding beat that I’ve ever made and it is my favorite one so far. i’ve used ludwig-drum samples to give it that punchy 70s vibe and reverse-played the shit out of some other samples. Alternating the lead melody between clarinet and guitar I wanted to capture those insecurities that sometimes overcome all of us in times of joy. Happiness/sadness, it feels like those two always go hand in hand and whenever I’m on a high (I already know that) I’m gonna fall down again. But there’s always gonna be another high, we just to have to go get it, ya feel me?

posted by Nasko
September 2019