Lots of experimental vibes on this chill beat by DYVN (pronounced 'dive in'), I'm a big fan of this sound!

I love how it evolves from the beginning. The frequency spectrum becomes broader as we go, until the beat drops. This keeps us enticed as listeners, wanting to hear what comes next. The reverberating snare sits just right in the mix and really fills out the space nicely.

In terms of composition I love the chord progression, but what really got me was the break at 1:12. He's playing with some modulations here on the piano and it sounds awesome! Also, the sound effects and transitions throughout feel very well planned and timed.

"Pink Clouds" really make me feel like diving into (pun intended) a sea made of fluffy synth clouds.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!

posted by Axian
February 2022