As someone who has followed edapollo journey from day 1 and has the pleasure of meeting him in person (I never get tired of this random meeting in Bali), I am beyond happy for what's ahead of Ed.

It's now official - edapollo is now part of ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective. The label share, "We instantly connected to Ed's sound and after seeing him perform live it was undeniable. We can’t wait for you to experience Ed’s next chapter with us." A match made in heaven, and I can only imagine what's ahead for the talented producer.

"Only You" is a beautiful and energizing vocal-driven blend of IDM and electronica and it comes as no surprise - the UK-born producer delivered the ultimate alternative dance vibe. I had the chance to quickly catch up with Ed and talk about the big news.

He elaborates, "It’s a real honour to sign to Foreign Family, they are genuinely one of my favourite labels of the last 5 years and consistently deliver the highest quality electronic music, so it’s very flattering that they believed in my new music & I can’t wait to share this new stuff because I feel like it’s a big step up and an exciting new chapter for edapollo".

posted by Ivo
March 2023