Guitarist, producer, and singer/songwriter edbl is someone we've keeping an eye on for a while and it's way overdue to have him featured on the Fox. He is definitely one of the most exciting artists in the UK alternative / instrumental and neo-soul scene. With more than 25 collaborations in less than 25 years and features on BBC Radio 1Xtra, I think we're yet to see that big bang from edbl.

His latest music endevour features our label mate Kazuki Isogai who is one of the sickest guitarists out there. I don't have words to describe how mesmerizing his art is.

Their second double single Could It Be U/Surface is a taste of their upcoming album with College Music. I decided to showcase "Surface" which features smooth vocal joint featuring INIMI, but you should not skip the jazzy fairy tale "Coult It Be U" with Kieron Boothe.

"Surface" is a sun-drenched neo-soul inspired happiness sprinkled with some lush folk-inspired strings. Gives me serious Tom Misch vibes.

posted by Ivo
April 2022