It’s jazzy, it’s funky, and it’s everything that makes edbl and Kazuki Isoagi the perfect dynamic duo. Accompanied by JPRK on the opening track for The edbl x Kazuki Sessions (out via College Music), everything these two lay their hands on is regularly pure bliss, and “Worldwide” is no exception to this. 

The song starts out with mellow summer-time rhythm guitar, followed swiftly by lead guitar, percussion and rhythm sections. The tune is an immediate sunshine inspired session and ticks all the boxes for what would be the perfect sunny-day soundtrack. 

Just as you think all the compartments are there for your favourite summer lofi song, 1:34 into the track allows the guitars to rest and now becomes guided by the rhythm section and a new brass introduction. The jazz-inspired brass elements remain a staple in edbl’s discography, following other extraordinary tunes such as “university of manchester” and “spanish backstage”. Every track is different, yet so quintessentially edbl. 

Tokyo based Kazuki Isogai’s influence is strong on “Worldwide” too, melodic guitar compositions that feature in Kazuki’s other compositions such as “Agua” and “Bedroom” remain prominent throughout The edbl x Kazuki Sessions. 

“Worldwide” sets up the album to be your new favourite chill compilation, and the outcome certainly lives up to that standard.

posted by Staff
May 2022