El Train is back with some new fire!

After he remixed Lina Nikol & Boyan's "Just You And Me", here comes a new release via the Brighton label Shimmy Records. "Nostalgia" is in collaboration with the wonderful UK singer Kaisha & saxophonist Loelash. Drawing inspiration from both African & Latin rhythms, the song still carries his signature soulful future beats production.

Luke (El Train) elaborates on the Kaisha collab, "It’s kind of got a similar vibe to our track “Through The Night”. I sent her the rough demo and a few weeks later I received the vocals in my inbox."

She adds, “Nostalgia” is a heartfelt exploration of a cherished memory shared between two individuals who were once deeply connected. It delves into the emotions of longing and the desire to rekindle that special bond, wrapped in a captivating haze of infatuation. The song takes listeners on a journey through the bittersweet moments of reminiscing about the past, evoking a sense of warmth and tenderness.”

Both groovy & super smooth, the tune is El Train's aim to create a soundtrack for your chill summer sunset moments - with friends or a loved one. The Loelash saxophone towards the end will set your mind free. It's Friday after all.

posted by Nasko
August 2023