Within a matter of seconds, Eliot Lipp's "The Lowdown" tosses the listener in a pool of emotions by virtue of the moving melodic arrangement he's laid out for us.

Initially known as a producer of dusty instrumental hip hop, U.S. based artist Eliot Lipp sound expanded to include electro-funk and disco. He beautifully exhibits his range on the new LP Encounters, and "The Lowdown" stands to be one of the highest moments on album.

We're lured by these drums that have this hypnotic swing to them while being seduced by Eliot's gorgeous sound design and melodies. Towards the end, we're acquainted with a marvelous surprise as the producer exhibits the glitch influence that occasionally appears in his work.

I've left a link to the album if "The Lowdown" was an experience you enjoyed.

posted by Lu
November 2022