On October 2nd, Equanimous releases his debut album Merging Elements on Gravitas Recordings. The release is a celebration of the breadth of the California-based producer's production ability, showcasing a vast range of genres tied together by his distinctive organic sound. In the words of the label themselves:

"Merging Elements is a heart centered adventure whose inhabitant exists between bliss and bass. Through 11 artist collaborations that span over nine tracks, prepare to engage in an ecstatic, auditory journey full of rhythmic vibrations, beautiful melodies, and organic sounds."

Gravitas Recordings

Stereofox has the exclusive honour of premiering the lead track, "Arise", a stunning downtempo collaboration with Skysia. The piece is truly a coming-together of two great minds; Skysia's rich piano progressions and delicate textures pair perfectly with Equanimous' organic layers and out-of-the-box composition.

A harmonised vocal melody brings the piece gently towards the introduction of the first drums. Layered with thick piano, soft shakers and a vocal topline, the relaxed rhythm throws the listener into a soft state of peace before building softly into the first chorus. There are not many layers to speak of here, but the few that are present make their statement loud and clear. Melodic subtlety in it's most stripped back form.

The second half of the track is framed by an energetic, percussive rhythm that injects the prior ambience with life and vigour. Eventually being joined by the piano progression from earlier, it provides the perfect variation to the first chorus while maintaining the properties that made it so special.

Finally, the listener is brought to the end of the piece by a gorgeously composed piano outro. Mixed very specifically to sit among the pulsing pads, it dances in and out of the listener's focus, as though receding towards the horizon.

Stream "Arise" here:

Gravitas Music · Equanimous & Skysia - Arise [Stereofox Premiere]
posted by Rob
October 2020