A smooth future garage bop, "run !" is the chilled and hypnotizing tune you're gonna drift away to!

The song combines crunchy percussion with serene vocal textures in a catchy melodic unity. It takes inspiration from that awesome feeling you experience while running through the streets at night, hence the title.

This happens to be the first single from an upcoming EP by producer es.cher and singer Choruses from the Rock. Es.cher shares:

The track was made from vocals Choruses from the Rock sent me which I then added drums and synths over; the song itself was finished within an hour or so of cftr sending me the vocal stems; how quickly it came together and how much we liked how it came out, made us convinced to make a full EP out of this sound.

Merging laid-back Burial-esque garage production and smooth James Blake-reminiscent r&b vocals, the two UK artists are soon to serve a refreshing and captivating treat, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
April 2022