A few weeks ago we shared with you the first single from EVDN.'s upcoming sophomore album, "MONROE", featuring the angelic voice of London-based singer Lili. Buckle up, because today we're sending you into outer space.

The talented Bulgarian jazz/electronic producer joins forces with 3 talented instrumentalists - Viktor Benev (vibraphone), Denis Popstoev (saxophone), and Vasil Voutev AKA Soulization (drums) for what may be the craziest sonic ride of your life.

In Hinduism, Kalki is the final incarnation of the god Vishnu, which is yet to appear. At the end of the current Kali-yuga (age/period), when virtue has vanished and injustice prevails, Kalki will emerge to destroy the wicked and usher in a new age. He is portrayed riding a white horse and wielding a blazing sword. I felt that this is all very important to share, in order to grasp the magnitude of what these 4 artists have created together.

I vividly remember when I first heard "KALKIS NIGHTMARE" - I had no idea what hit me. There's so much emotion and energy coming out of it, that it was impossible to comprehend at first. It was like having an out-of-body experience.

The track kicks off with synths that instantly reminded me of 1994 (the year that Doom II came out). Dark and piercing. Of course, it quickly becomes apparent that synths aren't the only thing that will thrive in this new universe that slowly divulges ahead. 6 seconds, to be precise. That's when that first off-beat break hints about the absolute might of Soulization's drumming that's about to hit us.

If the synths and drums are here to make sure your heart beats at an abnormal speed, it is Popstoev's saxophone that adds a much-needed element of dramatization to "KALKIS NIGHTMARE". A talented producer himself, it is his melodic jazz rock build-up (reminiscent of Morphine) that creates a layer of suspense to the overall composition.

And just when you think you've heard it all, there's that blissful moment of mysticism before the storm hits. This is when Benev's virtuoso vibraphone skills truly shine. For a brief moment, the founder of Enovae Records takes us on a journey through whimsical sonic experiences. Then, the four blend everything into a whirlwind of emotional sounds that will give you goosebumps. And that, dear listener, is "KALKIS NIGHTMARE" - a track that's impossible to describe. You just have to feel it.

The key takeaway from this track is EVDN.'s maestro-like ability to lead a squad of extraordinary musicians to achieve something even greater. I admire people who are not afraid to experiment and in a world where it is often safe to bet on the same old formula, we all need artists like Evden to pave the way towards the unknown. There's so much more to come, so stay tuned!

Last, but not least - the "KALKIS NIGHTMARE" experience wouldn't be the same without the stunning visual work of Evden's brother Dimitar - the creator of all the artworks accompanying the singles leading up to the album release late this year. A spot-on reflection of the music.

If you like artists like Flying Lotus, Thundercat, The Comet Is Coming, or Kamasi Washington, you will feel at home in the world of "KALKIS NIGHTMARE". Listen on all major streaming platforms here.

posted by Ivo
last month