We've been following Fakear's sound for quite some time now, but I have to say today's feature - by far my most favourite release so far.

French producer's new single title "Chakra" definitely justifies its name. I recently read a book called Untethered Soul and there was a lot of talk on chakras which they refer to as the wheels of energy throughout the body. While I'm not the most spiritual guy out there, it all made perfect sense and somehow this track and the mysterious sound behind it feels... yeah, eerie and in the same time weirdly elevating. Not sure about his inspiration behind it, but I feel there's definitely an influence from the meditation practices.

Also, I couldn't speak more highly about the production work. It just sounds perfect. It somehow distantly reminds me of the old ODESZA sound in a nostalgic way. So, yeah - I highly recommend blasting the volume on this one and just entering the world of "Chakra"

posted by Ivo
May 2018