You may remember my Fakear / Andreya Triana "Light Bullet" remix hunt from 2 weeks ago. Well, there was 1 track left behind amd no that's not because it was my least favourite.

I just felt I would like to split this one a bit further, maybe because it felt like the vibe of 5 features in 5 days would wash off the whole idea of presenting all those different views on the same track.

Anyway. Now it's time for the final piece of the puzzle and Mona Vale's echoing, somehow haunting remix of "Light Bullet". While its the kind of electronica I would play in a bar late at night, there's something lonesome about this remix. And I guess that's why I seriously love what the London producer has created.

Enjoy and thanks to all artists for their amazing contributions to music. This is brilliant.

posted by Ivo
December 2016