Fallen Roses fall into our playlist as a duo that explores happiness, sorrow, nostalgia, memories, the good, and the bad. The music producers Donovan Ferra a.k.a Donovan's Playground from Mexico & Ruben Reinoso, a.k.a B dom from Chile blend their influences taken from jazz, rnb, hip hop, classical music, and many more. They pull a sensitive string with their lofi approach as they are now including The Galactic Effect for the "sad lullaby" piece - part of the album Thanks for Nothing.

The Galactic Effect started producing at the age of 15 from his home in Miami, Florida. He likes his cinematic music experiences hot with a drop of darkness. These three made something that speaks to our most hidden parts with a guitar fever with wide keys and soft violins - a formula that almost made us weep. Reminding us what music can do to a delicate heart like ours.

posted by Krisi
November 2022