Faodail means "a lucky find" in Gaelic, and indeed there would be few luckier discoveries than a discography as deep and rich as his. "Changing" is the last single from the Scottish producer's new EP of the same name. Featuring breakout Swedish vocalist Hildur Höglind, the track is a celebration of the progressive, organic sound Faodail has been developing for years.

"Changing" opens with a frankly beautiful felt piano chord progression. I'm not sure if it's clear what I mean when I talk about progressions that end with that classic half-tone step into a cinematic, heroic-sounding chord, but this tune's got one of them and it's gorgeous. Anyway, the strings and vocal pads that swell up after the first 8 bars need no explaining. The way they supplement the atmosphere and build the tension towards the drop is simply sublime.

The drop itself is unexpected in it's rhythm. Hildur's voice rings brightly out from the warmth of the soundscape while a midtempo 4x4 kick drives along underneath. The percussion has a gentle swing to it which catches the listener off guard, forcing their attention; all in all there actually isn't much going on at once, but this minimalism is what gives the track it's charm. Doing so much with so little is a sign of an artist knowing exactly what they want to achieve with a track, and goodness does "Changing" achieve it.

Stream "Changing" here:

Enhanced Chill · Faodail & Hildur Höglind - Changing

posted by Rob
April 2021