UK producer Farsi has dived into house, downtempo, UK garage, and breakbeat music throughout his catalog. He continues to exhibit his versatility as he infuses trip hop into his latest release "Bystander" via Stereofox.

This single is a byproduct of young blood infused with the wisdom of a veteran. Armada icon Sebstatian Davidson contributes to the overall vibe of the track and together, both artists craft an emotive experience that differs from their previous work. The soundscapes are haunting, the drums are punchy, and the mood is pleasantly immersive.

"Really wanted to capture a certain intensity whilst being a danceable and chilled emotive song. I used to use this song for my walks to the seafront where I live. It is called Bystander because that’s how I felt when having my headphones in on my own by the sea listening to the song" - Farsi

You're welcome to find out more about the story behind this release here.

posted by Lu
March 2023