When Vancouver-based music producer Tor takes the reins of a track, something magical usually happens. He's known for creating beats and percussion that resonate deeply with a global audience. In his latest endeavor, a remix of Fejká's "Shades of You", Tor showcases the transformative power of rhythm.

Fejka's original "Shades of You" delves into the profound sense of loss, that feeling of missing something irreplaceable. It's a sentiment that often eludes words but finds expression through music and art. He has mastered this form of communication, crafting music that captures the ineffable. His sound weaves between melancholy and euphoria, offering a unique perspective on emotions rarely encountered on the dancefloor.

While the original version was an exploration of atmosphere and textures, Tor takes a different approach when creating his version. He strips away the synth-coated melodies, leaving behind an elegant breakbeat structure that provides the track with a fresh and punchy vibe. Tor's remix refocuses the spotlight on Henry Green's soft and intimate vocals, adding a minimalistic backdrop that breathes new life into the song.

posted by Boris
August 2023