I remember when we launched the website one of the first posts I wrote was about Fences's upcoming second album. It should happen somewhere this year but still there isn't an official date for the release. I am increasingly impatient to listen to it and in the meantime I will go back to his debut self-titled album from 2010.

The motto of the song "Girls with accents" is  "I am fucking up everything". Do you remember that time you were alone with the girl you fancied but you got too drunk and passed out on the sofa? Or another time when you decided to move in together with your girlfriend but few weeks later you realized she is not the one and now you have to break up with her? More often it seem we strive for the things we want, but not the ones we actually need. "Girls with accents" is a slightly melancholic song about the inherent uncertainty in our everyday lives, decisions we make and the consequences that stem from our (in)actions. If you like the song I should definitely watch the video.

posted by Alex
April 2013