So lovely to see our dear fika signing up with a favourite label of ours - Tru Thoughts.

fika's debut release with the London label is called "How Can I Love? (When I Can't Get Away from You)" and is in collaboration with UK songwriter & vocalist Bambie.

Blending their signature soul/r&b approach with indie pop, thanks to Bambie's utterly dreamy vocals which repeat the title of the track, intensifying the repetitive feeling of being trapped in toxic relationships. fika elaborate on the creative process:

Dave Nicholas sent the initial keys part that we wrote the track from. We always say that if Dave lived in London, he’d be the third member of fika. His contribution was integral to the track. As soon as we wrote the hook, we wanted to make it a recurring theme that continues coming back.

This is the fist single from their upcoming Coffee & Clouds EP about “the peaks and troughs of toxic feelings”.

posted by Nasko
August 2021